March marks a special observance across the globe: Women's History Month. It’s a time dedicated to celebrating the contribution of women throughout history. But for me and my company, Junebug Jewelry Designs, this month holds a more profound resonance.

I craft meaningful statement jewelry to help empowered women express themselves. Uniquely and unapologetically. And it's that meaning that prompts me to reflect on what drives my passion for jewelry making.

This Women's History Month, I want to share the story of inspiration that fuels my designs. And why female empowerment is Junebug Jewelry Designs’ heart and soul.

The Spark of Statement Jewelry Making

My statement jewelry making journey began from a personal desire for bold, unique pieces with meaning. I yearned for jewelry that resonated with my vision. So, I started by designing for myself only, as a way to express my individuality.

However, a pivotal moment at my first trunk show changed everything. A friend purchased a statement necklace from our Lady Pendant Collection. The necklace's design, adorned with swirls — some perfect, others, not so much — represented life's ebbs and flows. I didn't expect anyone to connect with it as I did. But months later, I saw her on Facebook wearing it to a ceremony where she was sworn in as a United States citizen.

It was a revelation! Now I knew for sure that my creations could be meaningful to others. Not only as intended when I crafted them, but as a commemoration of the wearer's unique journey. This realization was the cornerstone of Junebug Jewelry Designs.

Women's History Month Through the Lens of a Female Entrepreneur

Women's History Month is a testament to the restless spirit of women. A spirit that has been instrumental in shaping history across all cultures and eras. Women's History Month evolved from a local “Women's History Week” celebration in Santa Rosa, California, in 1978. It was originally timed to coincide with International Women's Day, on March 8th. After gaining momentum across the United States, it received national recognition in 1980 when President Jimmy Carter designated the week of March 8th as National Women’s History Week. This acknowledgment paved the way for Congress to formally declare March as Women’s History Month in 1987, a designation that has been annually commemorated by Presidential proclamations since 1995.

As a female entrepreneur, this month is a poignant reminder of the contributions and achievements of women. It's an opportunity to celebrate our progress and acknowledge the work that still lies ahead. The irony of dedicating just one month to celebrating women, despite our constant contributions, is not lost on me. However, any opportunity to highlight and embrace the strength of women is one I wholeheartedly embrace.

Drawing Inspiration from Empowered Women

At Junebug, my designs are a tribute to the bold, empowered woman who isn't afraid to make a statement. Inspired by historical and contemporary women alike, the pieces are crafted to embolden the wearer, allowing them to proudly take up space. Influential figures like Winifred Mason Chenault, a pioneering jewelry designer, have played a significant role in shaping my approach to design. Her use of mixed metals, and symbols  has influenced my work, encouraging me to incorporate meaning and intention into each piece.

Empowerment Through Unique Design

Jewelry, by its very nature, has the power to celebrate and empower individuality. Statement jewelry in particular, can make the wearer feel confident and strong. My handcrafted designs, with their unique markings and rare qualities, are a celebration of the wearer's uniqueness. Collections like “Beauty Marks” and “The VOICE”, are designed to forge a timeless connection, empowering women to embrace their strength and individuality.

My statement jewelry creations become a canvas for everyone who wears them — a way to express their own stories, their own experiences. Just like my friend did when she proudly wore that necklace during her U.S. citizenship swearing-in ceremony. Each piece becomes a chapter in the wearer’s journey, a testament to their resilience, dreams, and triumphs.

The Future Role of Junebug Jewelry Designs

Looking forward, Junebug Jewelry Designs remains committed to empowering women and contributing to the broader conversation about women's rights and achievements. Through collections like The VOICE, featuring bold designs with Lapis Lazuli stones, we aim to support women in finding their voice and advocating for their rights. 

The VOICE collection was born out of a desire to honor the courage of women who boldly advocate for advancement. Drawing inspiration from our current societal climate, where women's rights are increasingly challenged, this line is a testament to resilience and empowerment.

Crafted with a blend of metals, the collection showcases standout necklaces, arm cuffs, eye-catching rings, and substantial hoop earrings, all highlighted by the striking presence of Lapis Lazuli. This cherished gemstone is chosen for its ability to embolden your speech with sincerity.

This eclectic mix of metals and stones in the VOICE collection is more than just an accessory line; it's a symbol of the undeniable impact of our voices. It serves as a poignant reminder that our words carry weight, and when we channel this influence towards a united goal, our collective strength is boundless. As political decisions increasingly threaten women's rights, these creations serve as a reminder of the wearer's power and influence.

A Message for Women Around the World

This Women's History Month, my message to women everywhere is simple: Be bold, be unapologetic, and always make sure you take up space. Your strength, your voice, and your individuality are your greatest assets. Let them shine brightly.

At Junebug, our commitment to empowering women extends beyond our designs. We proudly support the Women's Alliance Inc., an organization dedicated to providing scholarships for deserving young women in Cincinnati. Through our contributions and collaborations, we strive to make a tangible difference in the lives of women, celebrating their achievements and supporting their futures.

As we observe Women's History Month, let us remember the strength, resilience, and contributions of women throughout history. At Junebug Jewelry Designs, we are honored to play a part in celebrating and empowering women through our unique, meaningful creations. Together, let's continue to break barriers, set our own trends, and make powerful, lasting impressions.


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