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  • The Lady Pendant Statement Necklace

    Beautiful swirls represent the many moments of your life that shaped you into an amazing woman.

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    Warmer weather is here, so it's time for your wrist candy.

  • Brilliant Argentium Silver

    You'll want to wear these lightweight, eye-catching designs every day.

  • Inside the Studio Blog

    Learn more about the process and inspiration behind the designs.

Inside the Studio Blog

How a Statement Necklace Gets its Shape

How a Statement Necklace Gets its Shape
Posted on
Dawn L. Grady is the designer and owner of Junebug Jewelry Designs, a unique line of jewelry that emphasizes the power and strength naturally inherent in every woman.

So, Why'd You Name It 'Junebug'?

So, Why'd You Name It 'Junebug'?
Posted on
A lot of people ask designer Dawn Grady where she got the name, Junebug. She shares the whole story behind the name she's had all her life.

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